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What firmness is right for me?

We offer our latex mattresses in three different densities: soft, medium and firm.

This is simply to offer our customers a little extra flexibility, as some people prefer a slightly harder feel for their mattresses than others.

Although this is mostly a question of personal preference, a good rule of thumb is that the choice of firmness is related to the weight of the sleeper.

Heavier people, with a weight greater than around 90kg, should generally opt for a firmer mattress, as they will tend to just sink into a medium density one and thus not have their spines supported in the right way. Medium feel is suitable for the average person with body weight up to 90kg.

Very light people and children will sleep better on softer mattresses.

Side sleepers will need softer mattress than people with the same weight who sleep on their back. Although the conventional wisdom is that firmer mattresses are always better, that’s not necessarily the case, so I’d advise you to investigate your options and compare a few different mattresses in order to get a better idea of what suits you.




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